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Wulingyuan Longyang Highway Implements Free for Self-driving car

During “Golden Week” holiday, The vital passengeway in East gate of Wulingyuan–Liziping tunnel is strictly in line with the national requirements and carries out the equal freeway collecting toll to give free toll to seven-seat station wagons.

At 9:00am of Oct 2nd, when the journalist comes to Liziping tunnel toll station, all personnel are on their office. Different from weekday, then benchmarking is lifted and there is erected with a warm notice board said with“Free dedicated channel for station wagons”. Self-driving cars across the country are continuously driving into Wulingyuan and the yough volunteer service station in Liziping tunnel entrance are flocked with self-driving tourists for consultation.

Afterwards, When the journalist arrives at Wujiayu ticket station, Baofeng lake, Yellow Dragon Cave, he finds there is no space in the parking lot and even the temporal parking lot that opened during “Golden Week” is crowded with self-driving cars. According to incomplete statistics, there are over 2,000 self-driving cars that enter into wulingyuan on Oct 2nd.

By Crystal