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A Prediction of Zhangjiajie Rime in Wulingyuan Scenic Spot on Dec 18th

On 10 December, 2012, it was firstly snowing this year in the Tianzi Shan Scenic Spot, Wulingyuan Resort, Zhangjiajie. At about 2 that afternoon, the roofs of houses next to the cable way of Tianzi Shan were covered with slight and white snow.

Snow began to arrive at Tianzi Shan, Yangjiajie, Yuanjiajie, etc. which are on the high altitude region along with the decline of temperature starting from the morning that day. As snow fell much heavily at around 11, the tourists were sheer surprised by the beautiful snow which mostly melted on the ground but occasionally stayed on the leaves of grass and trees as well delectably.

According to the service staff in the scenic spot, the first round snowing came a bit later and in a smaller scale compared with that of 2011. And based on the prediction from the meteorological department, Zhangjiajie will embrace continued raining and snowing with low temperature among which the extreme one will hit minus 4 degrees centigrade and thus beautiful snow landscape like rime will take place in this scenic spot.

Translated by Vincent Chou