Zhangjiajie XiBu Street Actively Creates 3A National Tourist Scenic Spot

During 5 years, Zhangjiajie Xibu street will make the largest comprehensive travel scenic area in hunan province, including sightseeing, leisure, shopping, eating, and so on. In 5 years, Xibu street has an investment of 20 million yuan to the blocks atmosphere, folk performance, cultural attractions, product structure of the whole block to carry mass upgrade, thus for the Chinese and foreign tourists, showing a collection of big xiangxi national spirit, folk custom culture and soil seedling building amorous feelings. At present, the cloth street is actively strivng for national 3 A level scenic spot, at the end of the month, it will accept the check from provincial administrator.

In the blocks atmosphere, it will build love wall to show love of the tujia culture. Remodeling the water wheel square to express xiangxi production and farming culture. Making tujia delicate landscape. At the same time, it will strengthen propaganda efforts, thus inviting the well-known advertising media company, to advertise design, production and material aspects of comprehensive ascend. In cooperation with the national famous website to the micro Po marketing and event marketing. With the signment of 150 national travel business promotion agreements, xibu street implants to tourists travel.

Zhangjiajie Xibu street is the only complex travel commercial pedestrian street with water bar street, snack street, and other folk shoppings. It is an engine project for zhangjiajie to a world-class travel leisure brand promotion and the strong support of the sightseeing travel work.

Translated by Sophia