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Prize Fellows of Confucius Institute Hunan University in Zhangjiajie for Culture

With the financial support of NOCFL (China National Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language ) ,from April 26 to 28 ,International Exchange and Cooperation Office of Hunan University organized Confucius Institute’s prize fellows for a cultural study in Zhangjiajie.

More than 30 overseas students from Russia ,Korea and Vietnam altogether 5 countries launched their cultural study in Zhangjiajie core scenic spots like Tianzi Mount, Bao Feng Lake and Yellow Dragon Cave .

Through the introduction of guide and leading teachers, these overseas students have got a better knowledge of traditions and history about national minority in Western Hunan and were fascinated by the fabulous natural and cultural heritage of Zhangjiajie.

“What impressed me most is Yellow Dragon Cave.I have never visited so big a cave before.How miraculous nature is ” a Japanese students said with admiration.

Translated by Aileen

Source: Zhangjiajie Official Web Portal