38 Provincial Standards of Hunan Cuisine Released

38 provincial standards such as Hunan Cuisine Industrialization Standard System, A Hunan Cuisine Banquet, Home-Cooked Hunan Cuisine and Hunan Style Breakfast were officially released on October 21, after four years of intensive debate, study, innovation, unification and consultation with masters and standardizing experts of Hunan cuisine. The typical features of modern Hunan cuisine has been summarized as "sour and spicy with strong aroma, greasy smoked meat, tender quality and bright color".

So far, the Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision of Hunan Province has issued 159 provincial standards for Hunan cuisine, based on 42 dishes and desserts, 70 raw and subsidiary materials, 9 prepackaging, 24 catering subsidiary products, 14 food test methods, etc. A platform of Hunan cuisine standard system has been put forward in shape of the book, China Hunan Cuisine Standards.

Translator: He Yao

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal