30 Photographers focused on “China Landscape” Zhangjiajie Early Autumn Scenery

On September 10, 30 Photographers from all over the country came together in “Chinese landscape” Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic tianzishan mountain finger peak, collective focusing on wonderland world natural heritage “Zhangjiajie landscape” early autumn scenery.

It is understood that these photographers are the member of China travel photography network (CTPN). The biggest age is about 74 years old, the smallest 30.They have arrived in Zhangjiajie, Tianzishan mountain, Yuanjiajie, Yuanjiajie tour scenic spot in two days of photography. In addition to outside the showcase of China travel photography network, they will also attend this year’s “Chinese landscape”- celestial, Wulingyuan conference photography festival.

Celestial zhangjiajie, The natural scenery here is so impressive.(CTPN) executive chairman of China travel photography network chao-yang Lin, will organize more photography friends to come here to travel, with image recording the human sea.

In another development, “China landscape” – celestial, Wulingyuan launch conference photography festival earlier this year, has already attracted a total more than 3,000 people in photography to Wulingyuan scenic area to the artistic creation.

Translated by Sophia