Hunan Accelerates Going Global of Culture

The Promotion Conference on Western Hunan's Integrated Development of Culture and Tourism, themed "Charming Western Hunan", held at the China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF).

Hunan is exploring and practicing the strategy of building Hunan into a province with powerful culture and promoting it globally.In 2013, the province set up cultural exchange exhibition platforms, developed extraverted cultural brands, and improving supportive policies for cultural "going global". Via all these means, the province promoted cultural arts including press and publications, film and TV programs, artistic performance, cartoon game, and industrial art abroad; letting the entire world fully appreciate Hunan culture's charm.

All culture related departments of Hunan proactively established supporting system for the "going global" strategy. The Office of Cultural Innovative Industry of Hunan Province included this aim into the key sectors for the province's capital guidance in cultural industry, and provided fund based on fields. Besides, the Hunan Provincial Bureau of Press and Publication set up special fund, giving out awards to export projects that meet the requirements.

Translator: Hao Jingru

Source: Hunan Official Web Portal