Liquefied Natural Gas Buses Put into Use in Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan

On 24th Oct, Nine liquefied natural gas buses have put into use in Wulingyuan scenic areas,Zhangjiajie. Liquefied Natural Gas has advantages of odorless,colorless,non toxic and non corrosive.Therefore, The buses all meet the demands of low-carbon and ecological travel.In detail, The nine LNG buses are running on the newly built Routine 5 as well as replacing some old-fashioned buses on other routines.

Comparing with the old-fashioned buses, LNG buses are cleaner and greener in the aspects of energy consummation and environment protection. Meanwhile, They are more comfortable for passengers.One of the staff in Wulingyuan scenic areas said, In the near future, all the tour buses there are going to replaced by LNG buses.

By Aileen