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20 Micro-Mundas Preheat International Music Week

On August 28th, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan releases the list of 20 Mirco-mundas that enrolled for 2013 Zhangjiajie International Countrym Music Week through its official micro-blog. These 20 Mundas come from Henan, Guizhou, Hubei and Hunan of whom they are net “Pushing hands”, Travel photographers, Media journalists and travel personnel.

The 20 Mundas not only are awarded the tickets for the opening and closing ceremony of the music week, but also can visit(From August 31 to September 4) tour show sites(Yellow Dragon Cave, Baofeng lake, Tianzi Mount, Shuiraosimen, Laomowan and Xibu street) with their VIP cards. Besides, The organizing committee of the music week will offer free accommodation for them and a local specialty.

It is reported that, since Wulingyuan travel sector has released the notice of enrolling micro-Mundas for the music week on August 17th, there arises a heat of “Zhangjiajie on Micro; I am coming” on the micro-blog and Wechat. Micro-friends from many places rest their eys on 2013 Zhangjiajie Music Week, creating or transmitting microblog or wechat related with music week, which play a role in promoting the music week.

By Crystal