Zhangjiajie“Xibu Aunt”Challenges Mark•Liwen

At the night from August 31st to September 1st, Mark·Liwen, Who is honored “The Father of Modern Country Music in America” interacts with Xiang zuorong,Who is the inheritor of the national intangible culture heritage–Zhangjiajie Sangzhi folk song, attracting many tourists and citizens to sing and dance together.

At the night of August 31st, the gala night of the 2013 Zhangjiajie music week is presented in Xibu street where 22 foreign bands from 20 countries and 8 domestic bands join this feast. It is reported that Xibu street that is honored “The first happy old street in China” combines ethnic features and folk cultures from Tujia, Miao, Bai, Dong and Yao, sightseeing, leisure, shopping and cater into one. Since its openness in2012, Xi bu street has become a new highlight in Wulingyuan.

Interesting enough, after the show of Build Lampstand on Man Mulberry by Mark·Liwen and his assistant, A “Xibu Aunt” comes to the stage to contest with Mark·Liwen for the song Build Lampstand on Man Mulberry, which arises huge cheers from the audience. This “Xi bu Aunt” is Xiang zuorong, the famous folk singer in Zhangjiajie. In her view, as a foreigner who doesn’t understand Chinese, Mark·Liwen is much better to perform the song in such level.

Mark·Liwen indicates the biggest happiness in this music week is that he meets with the “Xibu Aunt” and feels the unique charm of Zhangjiajie’s music culture; he will take pains to learn the song well and hopes to have the chance to show together with “Xibu Aunt” in next music week.

By Crystal