Zhangjiajie Music Week Comes to Closing with Establishment of“5 Continents Star”

At 6:00PM September 4th, The five-day 2013 Zhangjiajie music week draws its curtains in the Charming Western Hunan Grand Theater. Compared with the former two music weeks, The 2013 music week especially sets up “The Five Continents Star”, of which the Asilong twins from Yunan, China, A dance from Serbia, African drum band, Tango dance team from Argentina and The hollow pander Jeans band respectively win these prizes.

Leaderships from relevant sectors attend the closing ceremony and issue the trophies for the winning bands.

On the award ceremony, The Mao guse version–Gangnam Style with features from Zhangjiajie’s ethnic nationalities provokes large cheers once its show. After that, the winning Canadian Mount band, Italian Umbria dance center, African drum band and Ghost Face band present their excellent shows. Especially the Stars Gather in Zhangjiajie created by African drum band for the music week brings in prolonged applauses and puts the ceremony to a new high.

Since the opening ceremony in August 31, the music week, themed with“The natural heritages of the world,the country music of us”, Receives 22 foreign bands from 20 countries and 8 domestic bands. In the five days, near 300 bandsmen present 32 music feasts in six major scenic spots. Per incomplete statistics, about 100,000 tourists both from home and abroad visit Zhangjiajie and listen to the country music.

Held biyearly, Zhangjiajie international country music week was initiated in 2009. Ye wenzhi, the originator of Zhangjiajie international country music week, indicates he hopes to turn the music week into a permanent music week through 3 or 5 times, building Zhangjiajie into a holy place of the international country music week for all the people around the world.

By Crystal