Zhangjiajie’s Winter Landscape is More an Attraction than a Protective Screen

The period from every December to the next February “fades” compared to the summer in which the travel market is heated. These three months is the so-called off season of travel in Zhangjiajie.

However, the winter of Zhangjiajie is indeed the most charming season here which allows you to appreciate the incredibly beautiful rime and snow on Tianmen Mountain as well as Tianzi Mountain, to enjoy the release and warm at Jiangya Hot Spring, to taste the delicious Tujia bacon, to listen to a beautiful Sangzhi folk song, and to take a Tujia Waving Hands dance (Baishou dance) to the hilarious beats of drums after drinking as well. The charm of winter is beyond description unless you use your eyes to witness and let your heart to feel the marvelous power of nature and culture.

All seasons have their own charm while winter refuses the heat and throng, and provides you the tranquillization to slow down your steps and to feel the purity of white as well as the mystery of silence in Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Vincent Chou