Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Resort: A New Paradise for Photographers

On October 27, 2012, one of the twenty or more photographers from Hunan Photographers’ Association said: “This is a paradise for not only vacation spending but also photographing.” They visited Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Resort and took a large number of photos to freeze-frame the beauty they witnessed.

After the 2nd Bao Feng Lake Cup Zhangjiajie Photographing Network Contest of last august, a preferential policy for photographers has been formulated and issued.

This year Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon has receipted more than 200 international and domestic photographers groups. And the aggregate amount of photographers having been here in the last ten months hit almost 10 thousand. Accordingly, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Resort will cultivate a forest for photographers named “Forestfor Photographers” and gradually establish an outdoor photographing base in Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Vincent Chou