Zhangjiajie’s Nabaili Group Won the Brand China’s Environmental Annual Prize

The Chairman of Zhangjiajie’s Nabaili Group Zhuang Qingli Won the Brand China’s Environmental Annual Prize.

From “2012 brand China’s Annual Person” awards ceremony, spreading good news, zhangjiajie Nabaili group chairman Zhuang Qingli with outstanding contributions and achievements on environmental public welfare undertakings, won the ” the Brand China’s Environmental Annual Prize” award.

ZhuangQingLi is the people of Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, he has Yongtai group, and zhangjiajie, nabaili group. In 2006, since entering in zhangjiajie, investment is mainly concerned with the hotel, culture and travel commodities and travel industries, in a investment of nearly 1.5 billion yuan, leading the new trend of the travel culture industry. Zhangjiajie charm xiangxi travel development co., LTD.is the most representative group company in the world, among them, the key to “zhangjiajie · charm xiangxi” is China’s largest base of travel scenic spots comprehensive performance.

The past is history, as an entrepreneur, he’s a big responsibility to create more environmental and friendly products to return society, as far as possible in the field of environmental protection commonweal.

Translated by Sophia