Zhangjiajie,One of Federation for Protection of Tourists’ Rights in 8 cities Allianc

On Oct.13th, Eight cities with abundant travel resources from Hunan, Guangxi, Guizhou provinces have jointly established a Federation for Protection of Tourists’ rights and set up a convenient and efficient regional rights protection channel and a cooperation mechanism to exchange information and interact right protection. And those cities are as-follows:

Nanning, Guilin and Hezhou from Guangxi province, Shaoyang City and Zhangjiajie City Hunan Province, Zunyi City, Miao and Dong states and Tongren City from Guizhou Province.

It is informed that those above eight cities cover an area of 171,300 square kilometers with a population of 38,000,000 in total. Those cities abound in travel resource and contact frequently with each other, but cross-regional consumer disputes are also increasing. This federation will not only serve as a platform to integrate tourist’s protection resources to benefit travel consumers but also a driving force to travel exchanges and cooperation for a better integration and development of travel industries.

The Consumers’ Associations in the eight cities have signed a cooperation agreement to build contact rules and punishment system for consumer disputes. If tourist has any disputes with commodities and service in one of the eight cities, he can make a complaint to the federation which gives great convenience to tourists.

By Brenda