Zhangjiajie Yexipu actively create the provincial special tourism village

On October 18th, Zhangjiajie Yexipu committee has successfully been into the provincial travel characteristical contestant village ranks, November will accept provincial travel bureau assessment evaluation.

Zhangjiajie Yexipu committee spread a total area of 22682.2 acres, within the rich tourist resources, of which covers an area of 25 square kilometers of the wind gorge ecological hiking tour scenic spot, longquan waterfalls, cliff cane. At present, the committee′s travel reception has a capacity of 32 farms, the bed lived more than 1000. At the same time, it builds ecological agriculture corn grains area, the four seasons orchard, red baberry garden,and so many travel agriculture sightseeing gardens. Tourism employees are more than 300, with an average annual tourists reception nearly 100000, with an average annual tourist incomes of 5.5 million yuan, accounting for more than 60% of the gross output value.

In recent years, Zhangjiajie Yexipu committee regards urban and rural mutual construction as an opportunity to actively create the provincial travel characteristical village activity, through digging domestic beautiful landscape, perfect ecological and simple local conditions and customs, to develop rural leisure travel, and create a rich farmers’ income channels. Zhangjiajie Yexipu committee makes future development orientation for “original taste with original ecology, wild delight to YEXIPU”.

Translated by Sophia