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Zhangjiajie “Red Tour” Enrich the tourist routes Development Model

Zhangjiajie is famous for odd mountains and uncanny workmanship of the peak forest landform at home and abroad, the number of tourists receiption was more than 3 millions. Recently, zhangjiajie successfully creats “charm landscape”, “mysterious xiangxi” travel culture brand, and begins to introduce “red travel” line.

Wuling mountainous area is located in zhangjiajie,which is an old revolutionary base areas, have abundant red tourist resources. In 1935, HeLong led the second front red army started from SangZhi LiuGuPing, beginning the long march trip.

According to introduction, since early September, zhangjiajie travel group began to further integration of red travel resources, and let helong’s former residence, the red army long march memorial, Soviet memorial hall, and the red army village become red tourist attractions line, making a success of zhangjiajie “red travel” line.

“Red travel” line ably combines zhangjiajie natural landscape with the red culture, effectively supplements relatively single travel development mode in zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia