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Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave and Bailong Elevator’s Tour Becomes Popular

The god mountain, God’s hall, combines the essence of nature and humanities. Many people like Yellow Dragon Cave and Bailong Elevator “Misty rain Double Dragon” tourist route. This route has increasingly attracted tourists.

According to understand, Yellow Dragon Cave and Bailong Elevator “Misty Rain Double Dragon” product, mainly includes Yuanjiajie landform scenery scenic spot, famous karst cave Huanglong hole, 3D visual folk culture drama “Misty rain Zhangjiajie”. Visitors choose the product in addition to enjoy the VIP service, also can see “Avatar” mountain, experiencing the outdoor sightseeing elevator, visit the China’s best cave Huanglong hole, finally come into the square of the original ecological farming folk culture. It is a great chance to experience the beauty of human nature.

Yellow Dragon Cave and Bailong Elevator “Misty rain Double Dragon” popular travel products is the result of Zhangjiajie travel enterprise, effectively integrate their resources, do bigger and stronger travel cake, will be conducive to the depth of fusion and development of travel in Zhangjiajie.

Translated by Sophia