Zhangjiajie on National Geographic

“China from Above”, a travel documentary showing China’s landscape from the air, premiered on the National Geographic Channel in early August. The soaring peaks of the breathtaking Zhangjiajie are featured in the first of the two documentary series “The Living Past”.

Produced in 2014 by the State Council Information Office in partnership with producers from Singapore and New Zealand, the documentary portrays the natural, cultural, and historic beauty of China’s well-known landscapes. The core scenic spots of Zhangjiajie, including Shuiraosimen (four streams converge here), Shenbinjuhui (Get-together of soldiers from the heaven), Bailong outdoor elevator, the acclaimed Best Bridge of the World and Tianmen Mountain, appeared on the first episode (between the 13th and 16th minute).

The documentary will be broadcasted worldwide on varies TV channels, creating a sensation on the rare Zhangjiajie landscape.

Zhangjiajie is featured on National Geographic travel documentary “China from Above” in August, 2015.

The crew for “China from Above” shoots at Zhangjiajie in July, 2014.

Translator: Liu Fen