Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave Accepted 1 Million Tourists in 2012

It is learned that Yellow Dragon Cave in Wulingyuan had accepted 1 million tourists domestic and abroad in 2012 with no serious complaints whole year. What’s more, all kinds of economic indexes have increased steadily.

In 2012,Yellow Dragon Cave accelerated construction of infrastructure by taking advantage of the opportunity of being rated as “Chinese Famous Brand” in scenic spots and carried out activity of building “Safe and Satisfactory Zhangjiajie” in a deep-going way. In addition, an open recruitment of interpreter of foreign languages was hosted nationwide and skill training for workers at the production line had been taken at regular intervals to insure the quality of reception.

Besides, Yellow Dragon Cave scenic region strived to promote travel products, launched promotion with characteristic in Guangdong, Beijing, Chongqing etc. where major tourists were from, developed tour guide service software on intelligent phone in cooperation with Professional Mobile Tourism Company, participated in filming “Gangnam Style” with Zhangjiajie characteristic and hosted image-text contest. These activities had greatly elevated celebrity and popularity of Yellow Dragon Cave.

It is said by principal of Yellow Dragon Cave that its structure of tourists has been taking change through several years’ forge of brand. Foreign tourists have taken a significant increase which was evidenced by tourists from 42 countries’ visiting Yellow Dragon Cavein a day on May, 2012.

By Patricia