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Zhangjiajie Yang Jiajie Scenic Spot’s azalea to meet tourists

On March 13rd, in the afternoon, Several self-help tourists from Guangdong saw azaleas. Since early march, thousands of strains of azalea in Yang Gujie scenic mountainside area has been in full bloom, with gorgeous flirtatious attitude to greet the guests.

Azalea is one of the top ten traditional famous flowers in China, known as the “Flower of Xishi”, about more than 530 kinds of the country. Wulingyuan Yang Gujie azalea belongs to the evergreen rhododendron group. With warm spring temperature, Yuan Jiajie, Huangshi village, Tianzi mountain are full of azaleas, adding beauty to the world natural heritage Zhanjiajie.

Translated by Sophia