2016 Photo Contest in Zhangjiajie park yellow stone village

Do you like to take photos while travalling? There is a good news for those who say YES to this question.

From 13rd March to 10th December 2016,A photo contest is held in Zhangjiajie park yellow stone village,More detailes are to be followed.

Monkey Requirments:

1.All the contents of photos must be related to Zhangjiajie park yellow stone village.For instance,Plants,Animals,Sceneries,Cultures in or about this scenic zone,monkeys are highly appreciated.

2.Black-and-white photos,photochromes are of type JPG,and effective pixels above 5MB

3.The address for participants:zgsyxlw.com

4.The highest prize is 20,000 RMB

5.The deadline:10th December 2016

Yellow Stone Village(Huangshizhai) is also called Yellow Lion Village,The village of Huang family.

There are many tales and explanations about the origin of the name. Among them, the most popular one is told as below:ZhangLiang,with the official title Liuhou, lived in Qinyan Mountain (Former name for Zhangjiajie) in seclusion and made pills of immortality. He did this to avoid the seemingly endless disputes within the imperial government.Unexpectedly,on a certain day, he was found by the government troops and surrounded by them quickly. At this critical moment, fortunately he was saved by his master named Yellow stone Taioist. Because this village is the place that Yellow stone Taoist showed his magic and saved Zhang Liang, It is called Yellow Stone Village.

There are two approaches to Tour Yellow Stone Village.One is cable way,only 5 minutes to the top.The other is hiking,3,800 steps and 2 hours are needed.

By Aileen