China National Travel Strongly Recommended “Double Zhangjiajie”

The incomparable winter landscape of Zhangjiajie posed its face on the newly-issued 12th China National Travel of 2012 in which 30 pages was used to demonstrate the title: Double Zhangjiajie–it is not only a travel destination but also home.

China National Travel is the only national travel monthly under the career guidance from the National Tourism Administration of China and was firstly and officially issued globally in the September of 2011. This one was written by Chen Cigui and Liu Fang, and illustrated by 6 photographers known as Bai Yiran, Jiang Yang, etc. based on dozens of photo pieces from them. The unique and exotic beauty and charm of the autumn and winter here was delivered to the world through the style of prose, the viewing angle from an independent tourist, and the camera of those photographers.

“The words are so beautiful and vivid; the photos delicate and intoxicating; the viewing angle unique and profound; thus it reads quite well.” said a senior tourist in the core scenic spots of Wulingyuan Resort. Double Zhangjiajie presents another type of beauty of Zhangjiajie to the world, which is a positive promotion for Zhangjiajie’s winter travel products.

Translated by Vincent Chou