Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic area ushers in New Year’s First Snow

On January 29th, Tourist Attraction Zhangjiajie welcomes the first snow in 2015. Although the snow is light, because of lower temperature, it forms rime and silver thaw. The beautiful scenery spectacular is intoxicated by tourists from home and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, in huangshi village, thousands of people in Yuan Gujie scenic spots watch the snow and ice.

Affected by factors, because of qualitative transformation, Tianzi mountain cableway and Yangjiajie cableway have been suspended. All the visitors can also take the dragon ladder, Huangshi village cableway into the core scenic area, also can from miles gallery take a walk to Tianzi mountain. However, local travel department remind, because the day frozen slippery, to pay attention to keep warm skid, ensure a safe trip.

Forecasters, from 30 to 31, Zhangjiajie air temperature will be snowy. At that time, the scenic area will be more beautiful and moving.

Translated by Sophia