Zhangjiajie Famous Painter Yangjing held Painting Show in Guangzhou

Famous landscape painter, Wuling painting founder, Zhangjiajie academy chief Yangjing’s painting exhibition held in Guangzhou art museum.

In the exhibition, “Zhangjiajie sea of clouds”, “Wulingyuan perfect living”, “Bao feng fairy lake” and other 100 works showed zhangjiajie beautiful scenery landscape performance incisively and vividly. The painting works embodied the infinite love and praise of Zhangjiajie scenery, expressing the lofty pursuit of painting and calligraphy art.

The exhibition attracted people from Beijing, Shenzhen, Changsha, Guangzhou and other industry players and many Guangzhou citizens. This is his individual exhibition held in Shenzhen in 2010 after the second Zhangjiajie scenery exhibition in domestic. This year he will also hold Zhangjiajie scenery exhibition in France, The United States and other places, with an art form to pass the beauty of Zhangjiajie to the international friends.

Translated by Sophia