Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Holds“Double Ninth Festival”Taichi Performance

On Oct 13th, in order to observe the annual “Double Ninth Festival” (One of the four ancestor worship days in China), Wulingyuan Taichi association holds the “Double Ninth Festival” Taichi performance in the district senior citizen activity center, Where about 100 memberships and some old comrades of the association attend this activity.

Firstly, The performing acitivity is played with the 24 types and 42 types Taichi collective exercizes by the subsidiaries of the Taichi association. Then the individual can give his own shows, such as 42 types Taichi swaord, Wudang sword, Taichi blade, Yang style Taichi Quan and Chen style Taichi Quan. By holding this Taichi performance, The majority of the memberships exchange their skills, promote friendships and build up sound body. All old aged people that take part in the activity have a happy day.

By Ctystal