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Hunan Red Travel and Culture Festival Uncovers Curtain on Oct 29th

Source from work dispatch meeting of the 2013 China (Hunan) Red Tourism and Culture Festival committee has released that the China (Hunan) Red Tourism and Culture Festival that has been held for nine times will initiate its opening ceremony in Shaoshan(The hometown of Chairman Mao) on Oct 29th. Themed with “Beautiful China Dream; Walk in Shaoshan together”, The activity is sponsored by Hunan Propaganda department, Hunan Tourism Bureau, Shaoshan Management Sector and Xiangtan People’s Government.

As it is the 120th anniversaries of Chairman Mao’s birthday, The festival in this year is more pragmatic, reflecting on three combinations: the combination between activity contents and travel development, Shaoshan’s taking lead in rich and the education in patriotism for teenagers. There are four major theme activities that worth expectation: the co-construction of Shaoshan by the national “Top 300 companies”, motivational activity “My grown-up under the red flag”, “The train running to Shaoshan” and the national self-driving travel “Wishful journey–Re-start the grown-up road of Chairman Mao”. At the same time, the sponsor strictly implements the notice on frugalness in meetings by the five center ministries, without press conference, superstars, variety show, souvenir and fete activity.

By Crystal