Zhangjiajie World Geopark Museum Is Gradually Becoming a Spotlight

On the afternoon of June 4th, 3 Guests from Nepal excitedly visited Zhangjiajie World Geopark Museum at Shuiraosimen,Wulingyuan to learn about unique scientific knowledge of Zhangjiajie Landscape.It is said that the museum has gradually become a popular place which has received 50 thousand domestic and foreign guests since its first-month resumed opening. And for the recently passed festival, Children’s Day and The Dragon Boat Festival, Just the 5D Film Experience Pavilion attracted 2 thousand audiences.

Renowned as the world’s most beautiful geopark museum, It covers 6,000 square kilometers with a total investment of 35 million RMB. 1,000 square kilometers is used for the exhibition hall, The rest for Ecological Square. Its main function is to popularize the scientific knowledge of Zhangjiajie Landscape all over the world, explaining authoritatively how its landscape forms and showing fully its scientific, educational and aesthetic values.

Translated by Zumi