Zhangjiajie Tug-of-War Competition Was Launched in Wulingyuan District

On February 11, light rain was falling and temperature going down. However, at the Mark Gate Square in Wulingyuan District was presenting a hot atmosphere. Tug-of-War competition, sponsored by district government and undertook by district bureau of culture and sports, greatly enriched people’s spare-time culture life and created an atmosphere of joy and harmony for Spring Festival.

About 120 persons represented by 7 groups participated in this competition. At the scene of competition, mixed with misty rain and cold breeze, members of competition teams strived to pull at hear of whistle sound with cheering squad’s enthusiastic cry and shouting.

In the competition, women and men were mixed together. Based on principle of “friendship first, contest second”, finally the first, second and third prize gone to participants from neighborhood committee of Suoxiyu County, Yujiazui and Wenfeng after half a day’s fierce rivalry.

By Patricia