Glutinous Rice Cakes Were Sent to Tourists in Zhangjiajie Yellow Dragon Cave

On February 11, the third day of golden week during Spring Festival, Yellow Dragon Cave scenic spot on ecological square displayed custom culture of Tujia nationality people making Glutinous Rice Cake symbolizing reunion and luck.

Making Glutinous Rice Cake, as one of New Year’s custom which has been handed down by Tujia people in Zhangjiajie for thousands of years, usually is made of steamed glutinous rice cake knocked about in a special designed stone groove and is of high labor intensity. At the scene of making Glutinous Rice Cake, a lot of tourists were attracted to stop to watch and not a few tourists even actively participated in making it to experience traditional folk culture of Zhangjiajie people.

During Spring Festival, Yellow Dragon Cave region had held Festive Lantern and Folk Song performances. And they gained a vast of tourists’ favor and good reputation.

By Patricia