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Zhangjiajie Travel Performance Arts–Charming Xiangxi and Tianmen Fox Spirit

The annual output value of zhangjiajie travel performance reached 400 million yuan, which received more than 2 million people. Just ten years, Zhangjiajie travel performance arts industry from the initial “Activity”, gradually evolved into an industry competitiveness “New industry”, and went into the high speed stable development period, which known as “The extension beauty of Zhangjiajie travel”.

Today, “In Zhangjiajie, Not just the scenery” and “See beauty during the day, the evening to watch drama” has become a new way of travel culture consumption experience. 2012 Wenbo conference, Zhangjiajie put forward the idea of “Building China’s performance arts”, a sign to see Zhangjiajie people’s wisdom and courage.

However, Zhangjiajie·Charming Xiangxi and outdoor performance Tianmen Fox Spirit have supported local travel performance arts pattern, which makes Zhangjiajie become one of the undisputed national travel performance arts center. But Zhangjiajie people understand that only difference varieties, high quality, international brand, can upgrade the performing arts industry, and to build the real capital of China’s performance arts.

Translated by Sophia