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Huaihua“Three Antiques”Brand Heats Travel

“In virtue of the 3th Huaihua “Three Antiques” culture and travel festival that held in Zhijiang in the mid-Sept, enterprise-establishing has brought remarkable outcomes”, Zeng youguang, The secrtary of Zhijiang Dong nationality autonomous county introduces. On this festival, They have signed 15 projects involved in cultural and travel innovation, and county-level travel cooperation, with a total investment of 10.7 billion RMB.

Preserving over 30 contiguous “Three Antiques” (Ancient city, ancient town and ancient village) communities that are represented by Hongjiang ancient commercial city, Qianyang ancient city, Longtan ancient town and Jingping ancient village that roll Han, Miao and Dong culture into one, Huaihua is honored “China ancient architecture museum”. In recent years, by implementing “Prospering City through travel” strategy, holding China “Three Antiques” forum, “Three Antiques” culture and travel festival, Huaihua has established the status of “The first ancient city, town and village community in China” and enhanced its “Three Antiques” brand image. It also seizes the chance of Hunan’s establishment of culture and travel pilot area inWestern Hunanto explore the “Three Antiques” resources and accelerate upgrade and transformation, which will boost the clustering of travel, diversification of commercial activities, branding of products and informatization of service.

At the same time, persistent in the principle of “Protection First”, Huaihua promotes the development and construction of core culture and travel attraction; emphasizes the major projects of Hongjiang ancient commercial city, Qianyang ancient city and Jingping ancient village, forming a more rational travel excellent system; exploits travel products with new folk customs, including residential buildings, production and life habits, civil arts and festival protocols; recommends distinctive, ambient and novelty theme travel and arts shows in major attractions such as Hongjiang ancient commercial city, Jingping ancient village and Tongdao Imperial Capital Dong stockade.

At present, the culture and travel industry centered with “Three Antiques” in Huaihua leads a good momentum. From Jan to Aug in this year, Huaihua has received 16 million tourists both from home and abroad, realizing total travel revenue of 10 billion RMB, two times on-year-year basis.

By Crystal