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Zhangjiajie travel agents hold honest declaration for Golden Week reception

On September 28th, zhangjiajie 62 travel agencies, salesroom person in charge and tour guides nearly 600 people in zhangjiajie railway station plaza attend “peace satisfaction in zhangjiajie” activities. Travel agency enterprises swear:paying attention to quality, integrity, service quality, and maintaining the lawful rights and interests of tourists, thus to build the honest, peaceful, satisfactory travel environment of zhangjiajie.

At the site, the travel agency enterprises read faith manifesto: adhering to the faith management, abiding by professional ethics, implementing four uniform, standarding management behavior; meanwhile, againsting zero negative membership fee, combating bad purchase, guaranteing the high quality service, thus to ensure peace satisfaction.

As we have learned, in recent years, zhangjiajie travel agency industry have given an hand to the city’s tourist rapid economic development. Especially, it have made great contribution in promoting, upgrading and transformation, thus to become a international tourist destination. Indeed, it wins obvious effect in the enterprise own restructuring, the procedure of turning bigger and stronger.

Translated by Sophia