Zhangjiajie Traffic Signs Warm the Heart of Tourists

On July 7th, Careful visitors find a new tourist traffic signs. This is a convenient way for tourists to travel in Wulingyuan district roads. At the same time, It is one of the specific measures to help tourists.

With the opening of Zhang-Hua high speed way at the end of 2013, From southwest, More tourists come to Wulingyuan. In the first half of this year, Wulingyuan district practice diligently services in full swing. Wulingyuan district party committee arranges working group to carry out investigation to verify, And try to give concrete solution.

In the sign, The language both in Chinese and in English, People can know the direction of the destination. By using the Arabic numbers, It is convenient for visitors to change lanes, According to the distance travel arrangements.

Translated by Sophia