Zhangjiajie to Build up “Outdoor Paradise” with Ten Outdoor Routes Put Forward

On the annual meeting of 2013 12th National Mountaineering Outdoor Sports that held on Dec 11th, Zhangjiajie initially puts forward ten outdoor traveling excellent routes, for the purpose to build up “Outdoor Paradise” by 2015. Xu chuan, secretary of the party group of China National General Administration of Sports, Cao ren yuan, discipline-team leader of Hunan Administration of Sports and Chen dan feng, member of Zhangjiajie standing committee and deputy mayor attend the meeting.

Developing outdoor travel is one of the key projects in Zhangjiajie’s upgrade and update of travel. In September this year, Zhangjiajie set up outdoor travel product working group; at the end of Nov, Zhangjiajie’s first outdoor travel promotional video was released. In this time, the ten outdoor travel routes are mainly hiking routes, including rock climbing, cave exploration and water outdoor. “The same Zhangjiajie; Different outdoor paradise”. Mr. Chen remarks, As the headstream of Lishui river, Zhangjiajie is bestowed with mountains, waters and caves, with rich outdoor travel resources. At present, a French professional team is making plans on Zhangjiajie’s outdoor sports and it is expected to build up “Outdoor paradise” by the summer of 2015.

By Crystal