Zhangjiajie Selected into 2013“Beautiful China”Top Ten Tourist Attractions

On Dec 11th, Approved by National Tourism Bureau, The “2013 China Tourism Billboard” oreganized by China Tourism Association and China Tourism Daily enters into the comfiming and voting phase. It is reported among the comfirmed three major categories with 14 items, Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan scenic spot is selected into 2013 “Beautiful China”top ten tourist attractions.

There are 30 tourist attractions that are selected into 2013 “Beautiful China” top ten tourist attractions: Beijing Badaling Great Wall, Hainan No Place That Far, Jiangxi Lushan Mount, Sichuan Mount Emei, Shanxi Terra-cotta Warriors, Etc, and Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan is listed into the item as the only one site in Hunan. During the two phase of public voting and expert voting, each makes up 50%. By the end of December, 25th, 2013, Public voting can log-in the First Tourism Website to cast their votes. The “Beauty Contest” final result will be released on the third China Tourism Development Annual Meeting in early 2014.

By Crystal