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Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Will Start a New Policy for Ticket Price since Sept 18th

According to Dependable source from Zhangjiajie official website, Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan will cancel a special winter ticket priced at 225RMB in the period December 1 to February 28, implementing a common price ticket with 258RMB.

The detailed policy is as follow:

First, cancel the special winter ticket started between December 1 to February 28 and implement a common ticket with 258RMB (Including entrance fee of 75RMB, traffic fee 183RMB for cable and Eco-bus, but sightseeing top-cable is exception)

Second, soldiers serving in the military, the disabled and the aged above 70 are accessible to favorable ticket price with 110RMB with effective certificate. Those who are not adult, students under the age of 24, the old between 60-70, officers serving in the military and very poor people with the lowest living bonus… are able to have a special tickets with 155RMB.Besides, A free ticket policy will fit for children with a height below 1.3 meters.

Third, The one way ticket for Hanging chair cableway on the top of the mountain will cost 25RMB. For the people who can enjoy 155RMB mentioned above, they can have a favorable top-cable ticket price, that is 15RMB.

By Zumi