Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount Witnessing a Summer Travel Peak

In July this year, with the upcoming of summer vocation of the middle and primary school and colleges, Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mount witnesses a summer travel peak, and family groups and individual tourists take up mainly.

In middle summer, Tianmen Mount is with fresh breeze blowing from mountains and jade-green trees. The tourists enjoy the freshness and cozy of the “forest oxygen bar”amid brushes; the glass plank road, Ghost path and volley glass platform are teemed with tourists; they release the excitements of experiencing Tianmen Mount journey, even scream and cry out when they come to the top of the cliff.

Special tips:

The Tianmen Mount offers preferential tickets to students in a year-round, including child under 1.3 meters with free charge, and students under the ages of 24 enjoying concessionary tickets with student ID cards. The two dimension code of “Tianmen Mount smart guide” have been printed on nameplates and propaganda materials of the scenic spots. Tourists can briefly learn about the excellent scenic spots and routes as long as they scan the two dimension code with phones and they can make their unique Tianmen Mount journey.

Translated by Crystal