The Biggest Mailbox Built up to Propagandize the Charm of Paper Letters

The Biggest Mailbox Built up in Japan to Propagandize the Charm of Paper Letters

According to Asahi Shimbun, the copy of the mailbox made by the students from faculty of engineering of Yamaguchi University in Japan is honored “the biggest mailbox in the world ”by Guinness World Records.

The highest point of the mailbox is 7.2 meters, the horizontal length is 3.6 meters and the longitudinal length 3 meters, with volume of 68 cubic meters, which highs by 5 cubic meters than the former world record.

Finished in November last year, the mailbox is placed in the park of Yubu city, shankou county. The maker of the mailbox hopes to propagandize the charm of paper letters through the “big guy”, while the E-mail lacks such kind of charm. From July 20 to September, people can use this mailbox to send off their letters. The students of making the mailbox indicate that they want to express the deepest thoughts of love to the most important person through this biggest mailbox.

Translated by Crystal