Zhangjiajie Suoxiyu Town: The Most Charming Town in Hunan Province

On 27 December, 2012, the good news that Suoxiyu Town has won the honor of “The Most Charming Town in Hunan Province in 2012”came to Wulingyuan District, Zhangjiajie. Suoxiyu, thanks to this honor, became Zhangjiajie’s first town that has won this valuable and special honor.

The specialized news group named “the new page of Hunan governed by law” from Law Weekly launched the selection of the most charming town in Hunan Province under the theme of “Charming Towns in Hunan Governed by Law” which lasted from 16 October to 20 December, 2012. And Suoxiyu Town, Zhangjiajie, stood out from the other Top 20 towns in the selection and won the honor of “the Most Charming Town in Hunan in2012”after experts’ evaluation and the online vote through its optimistic spirit and attitude and its full passion on preparation for the selection and in the preliminary, the semifinal and the final which took it two months or so.

Translated by Vincent Chou