Zhangjiajie Wulingyuan Welcomed the “Christmas Snow”

December 25th to 26th, the world natural heritage wulingyuan welcomed the “Christmas snow”. The core scenic, such as Tianzi mountain, YuanJiaJie, Huangshi village, and other attractions, were in continuous silver apperance. Enveloped in layers of cloud and mist, they seemed to be more forceful and magical, visitors from around the world to enjoy the snow of zhangjiajie scenic spots, thus to meet the arrival of the New Year.

On the morning of 26th, in Tianzi mountain, with a 4 cm thick underground of snow, branches, flowers and plants all put on the snow clothes, some still were covered with ice. In the west forest viewing deck, through the snow fog, the peak forest looked like ice sculptures.

In the Baofeng lake scenic spot, “plunging three thousand feet”, the waterfall with snow presented another amorous feelings, attracting a steady stream of tourists. It was understood that the snow was the first snow of Baofeng lake. Taking a boat to enjoy the scene of snow was a special experience to guests. According to statistics, by the 10 o′clock of 26th, the visitors who entered baofeng lake were over 1300 people.

Translated by Sophia