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Zhangjiajie scenic tickets preferential policies for High-speed Rail Travel

On November 13th, zhangjiajie wulingyuan scenic spot administration outward revealed: From November 20th, 2012 to February 28th, 2013, all the people who would take a trip by the high-speed rail to changsha before entering into zhangjiajie, would enjoy “one mountain, a hole and one lake” ticket discount.

“One mountain, a hole and one lake” respectively referred to the wulingyuan scenic spot, huanglong hole, Baofeng lake. During the promotion, visitors could with high-speed rail tickets (five days effective) and id card to purchase discount ticket. The wulingyuan scenic core preferential ticket price 160 yuan/pax, huanglong hole scenic spot 45 yuan/pax, baofeng lake scenic spot 40 yuan/pax. For 60-year-old man with id card would enjoy free ticket (excluding environmental bus fare). At the same time, passengers with high-speed rail ticket could also enjoy wulingyuan area preferential policies of the hotel.

It was reported, this was the first time in the country to take high-speed rail travel tourists preferential policy. This policy appeared to expand further travel source market of shenzhen – guangzhou – changsha – wuhan – zhengzhou, improving the brand image of wulingyuan scenic area.

Translated by Sophia