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Zhangjiajie scenic staff’s image is More Beautiful than Zhangjiajie Scenery

ZhangjiajieTianzi mountain scenic area, a Beijing tourist said that his backpack dropped into the cliff. Tianzi mountain scenic area office quickly came to the site, finding the place that was located in the cliff of the western of peak forest view place. Later on, 5 firefighters rushed to the scene, after more than three hours of coordination “combat”, firefighters finally in the cliff found the backpack, making the presence of visitors deeply touched.

Wulingyuan scenic area is the typical mountain scenic spot. The area is large and long, the route is complicated. Entering the scenic area, we must pay attention to travel safety. At first, the various attractions is cliff, so be careful not to climb. Secondly, avoiding the crowded visitors flow rate. Thirdly, keeping your carry-on property; Fourthly, taking good care of the child. What is more, when meeting dangerous situation, please feel free to call resident travel office to ask for help.

Translated by Sophia