Zhangjiajie Forest Park Provide quality services for tourists

During the golden week, forest park visitors′ center launches five special quality service, to create a safe, convenient and comfortable travel environment.

Firstly, The obligation advisory services.It is to release tourists travel information, providing a comprehensive travel consulting. Secondly, Free luggage storage service. It is to set up a free luggage check point, for the arrangement of four staff all day long waiting for yourself. Thirdly, Mobile phone service station. It is for tourists mobile phone to quick impact electric. What is more, Service stations.it is to radio for tourists. Lastly, Available free tea.

According to statistics, the visitors′ center passes to the tourists about free travel information more than 800 copies, provides compulsory consulting more than 100 times, free hosting baggage 48 pieces, winning consistent high praise Chinese and foreign tourists .

Translated by Sophia