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Zhangjiajie Scenic area has launched the tour group appointment system

“Because of this appointment system, we can get rid of the annoyance at hurriedly waiting in line and I can even have breakfast leisurely with my guests” remarked at 8 o’clock on 13th, August by a tour guide, Mr. Wang who is leading his guests to the eco-car swiftly and smoothly at the entrance of tickets station of Suoyuxi at Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie. And this is situation at the first day of the launch of tour group appointment system in Wulingyuan core scenic area.

According to the introduction of the work staff here, “The tour guides can use their free time to make an on-the-spot appointment when they arrive, or if they miss the appointment time, they can also make another appointment through “Yichengtong” system”. This method has greatly mitigated the phenomenon of main passenger flow queuing for a long time and will enable the tour guides to arrange their tour time more reasonably, thus improving the satisfaction of the Wulingyuan core scenic spots in zhangjiajie.

By Brenda