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UNESCO Geologists Highly Praised wulingyuan huanglongdong

Recently, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) geologists Maria-Luise Frey and Flavia Fernanda de Lima came to have an on-the-spot investigation in Zhangjiajie’s famous natural scenic spot Yellow Dragon Cave. They spoke highly of the beauty ofYellow Dragon Cave, and surprised by its “amaze, charm”.

Maria-Luise Frey and Flavia Fernanda de Lima went toYellow Dragon Cave and the ecological square successively. They asked about the measures had taken in order to protect those caves and also gave full affirmation to the efforts that Yellow Dragon Cave spot had taken in protecting the geology. Meanwhile, they paid a compliment to the large scale ofYellow Dragon Cave as well as the abundance of stalagmites, which could be seldom seen all over the world.

Translated by Becky