Zhangjiajie Scenery 3D Film《Havoc in Heaven》Will be Screened on Spring Festival

Source from the national cinemas film recommendation has learned the high-profile 3D film–Journey To West《Havoc in Heaven》 will be screened officially on Jan 31st, 2014. Seen from the its propaganda poster that released, We may find that many scenes where the Monkey King makes havoc in heaven are taken from Zhangjiajie, Which is the second time that Zhangjiajie screened in 3D film after the Avatar.

Produced by the joint efforts from Star Entertainment, Eastern Movie, Golden Coast Film and other film companies, the film took three years and 50 million RMB, with many famous Chinese superstars. Over 2,600 special effect shots are made for its poster production.

The scenery adds colors for the film and the film brings reputation for the scenery. It is reported the film was shot view in Zhangjiajie in 2010, including the prototypes of Mountain’s Flowers and Fruits(Huaguoshan), Water Curtain Cave(Shuiliandong) in Zhangjiajie. Since the last 1980s, Many domestic and foreign films have taken Zhangjiajie as a shooting sites, Such as the well-known Journey To West, The new version–A Dream in Red Mansion and the nominee best foreign film of the 61th Golden Ball Award–The Little Chinese Seamstress, Especially the American blockbuster–Avatar, It stirs up a 3D-heat in global and drive more tourists to come to Zhangjiajie for finding the real “Pandora” fairyland.

By Crystal