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The water level of Tuo River in Fenghuang hikes to 1.36m

From 15th,July on, Fenghuang, an ancient town in West Hunan, has received torrential rains continuously . Rain capacity stands at 116.6mm from last night to 8 o’clock this morning, and the water level rising to 1.36m, parts of bars ,inns ,and some boating programs are forced to suspend . Heavy rain goes on so far. The town has released water through its sluice gate for the sake of safety

This morning, the Golden Water Bridge of Tuo River is streamed with people, with water close to it . The scenic spots along the river are drowned by water and the boards on the bridge are floating over it.  Pedestrians have already been unable to walk through it but to stand nearby.

Meanwhile, the railings of boating spots on the north gate of Tuo River, wharfs are all inundated and the business is closed temporarily. The water has impended over to the basements of some bars, inns in low topography

In order to prevent the flood safely, the governors of Fenghuang have released water through their sluice gate and strengthened its capacity of control the flood to ensure the safety of the people and property downstream . They have placed warning sighs to make sure the security of the pass-bys. Rains will remain in Fenghuang in the upcoming two days.

The precipitation of Fenghuang in west Hunan reaches 116.6mm at 8 o’clock this morning of, 17th,July, and the water level hikes to 1.36m from last evening

Parts of the bars ,inns adjacent to Tuo River and the boating programs are compelled to suspend their business temporarily

Translated by Brenda

Source from Rnol, Xiaoxiang Morning Post