Zhangjiajie “Rape Flower Girls” in Huanglong Cave Eco Plaza as Beautiful as Fairies

“The girls are too beautiful, just as beautiful as Goddesses” On March 16th, a few Koreans saw 2 rape flower girls and asked them to take photos at the Ecological Square of Huanglong Cave, Wulingyuan scenic area, the world natural heritage site.

Women are around in March, embracing the nature. In recent days, 30 hectares of blooming rape flower field attracted thousands of guests specially visited Huanglong Ecological Square every day. To show the hospitality and enthusiasm of Zhangjiajie people, quite a few young girls in colorful Miao costumes walked in the golden sea of rape flowers each day, welcoming domestic and foreign guests. Their pure images became a spotlight among the rural scenery. Some visitors felt amazed and stopped to take photos with their cameras or phones, praising them adorable “Rape flower sisters” as beautiful as fairies.

“I am showing the most beautiful me in this most beautiful season!” a Miao girl said frankly. She likes to be called “Rape flower girl” and is willing to be a speaker of Huanglong Cave’s tourist image.

Translated by Zumi