The Spanish Painter Rudolph enamored Zhangjiajie

On March 8th, When the Spanish famous painter Rudolph was painting the resort of rural scenic spots in Tianzi mountain, He gave much compliment to intricacies of present. It was the second time for the 49-year-old European painter in three years to visit the world natural heritage sites wulingyuan.

Rudolph, is a senior painter and sculptor of the kingdom of Spain, and has a special liking to the long Chinese culture and the amazing natural scenery. He has held personal art exhibition in Beijing, The Great Wall.In 2013, Mr Rudolf had traveled for the first time into Wulingyuan Baofeng lake scenic spot, just quick glance, but Zhangjiajie left a good impression. Rudolph, after two years, accompanied by friends, came to the zhangjiajie to draw out the right paradise seriously.

Rudolph also shoots a lot of Wulingyuan scenic spot images. He recently has two big wish, a painting exhibition of Zhangjiajie in Spain, letting more European and American friends know zhangjiajie. Secondly, He wants to held a large outdoor exhibition in Zhangjiajie, with the power of art closer to Zhangjiajie and the distance of the world.

Translated by Sophia